Afghan bombing: Kabul education centre attack kills at least 13

An injured man lies on a stretcher in a hospital after a suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan October 24, 2020. REUTERS/Mohammad Ismail

At least 13 people have been killed and 30 wounded in a suicide bomb attack outside an education centre in the Afghan capital Kabul, officials say.

The explosion at the private facility, which offers courses for students in higher education, occurred late in the afternoon, the interior ministry said.

The building in the predominantly Shia Muslim Dasht-e-Barchi area usually hosts hundreds of students.

Many have been taken to hospital. There are fears the death toll may rise.

It is not clear who was behind the attack. The Taliban has denied responsibility.

“A suicide bomber wanted to enter the education centre,” interior ministry spokesman Tareq Arain said in a statement, AFP news agency reports.

The spokesman added that the attacker was identified by guards “after which he detonated his explosives in an alley”.

Afghanistan has seen a rise in violence in recent weeks – though most of the attacks have been perpetrated by the Taliban.



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